How to repair a vacuum cleaner

Is your Vacuum Cleaner not working properly? Are you having trouble to get it switched on? Then this guide is perfect for you. Here we discuss the various steps that one can take while trying to repair their own vacuum cleaner without any help from a technician.

Trust me, repairing your own vacuum cleaner is quite simple and easy and can be done in just a few minutes by following a few simple steps.

Here are the steps that you need to follow when repairing your own vacuum cleaner:

Step 1: Determine what is wrong with the Vacuum Cleaner

The first thing to do when trying to repair a vacuum cleaner is to ensure that you determine what is the cause of this behavior. See if the vacuum is not turning on or if the power is too low or if it is producing a weird sound or noise. Once you have determined the symptoms of the issue, you can easily find the root cause of the issue too.

repair a vacuum cleaner 1

Step 2: Check if your Vacuum Cleaner is plugged in

Once you know what is wrong with your vacuum cleaner, you need to make sure that it is not a power issue. So turn on and off your vacuum cleaner a couple of times and try it in different electrical sockets before your move on to the next step. A lot of vacuum cleaner issues get resolved at this step itself. If your vacuum cleaner isn’t getting electricity then it won’t work.

Step 3: Check if your Vacuum Cleaner has an over-temperature feature

Once you have checked and made sure that it is not a power issue, you need to look at your vacuum cleaner and find if it comes with an over-temperature feature. This is a special issue with vacuum cleaners built for hardwood floors, make sure you read reviews before buying one.

Some vacuum cleaners stop working when they get overheated to ensure that they don’t get damaged and so they automatically shut down. If your vacuum cleaner has this feature, then try to turn on your machine after a few hours, once it has cooled down appropriately.

repair a vacuum cleaner 2

Step 4: Clean your vacuum and perform basic maintenance

Another important step in repairing a vacuum cleaner involves you to clean the machine and then perform some basic maintenance steps. You will need to replace the bags and clean the filters. Make sure that the hose is clean and is not clogged due to any debris or dust. If your belt looks worn out or damaged, replace it quickly with a new one and check that the brush roll is clean and isn’t filled with any dirt or other materials.

Step 5: Check if the circuit is complete

If your vacuum cleaner is well-maintained and all the vacuum parts are in good condition but it is still not working, then there might be a broken circuit. In such a case, you will need to find if the circuit is broken and if found, then you will also need to fix it to resume using your vacuum cleaner efficiently.

repair a vacuum cleaner 3

The Secret Life of Pet movie fundraiser

We have assembled a fantastic team of sponsors that support local animal rescue to bring you a special screening of The Secret Life of Pets movie. Movie time is 11:00 am on Saturday, July 9th at Alamo Draft House – Park North, located at 618 NW Loop 410, San Antonio TX 78216.

ake the whole family to enjoy The Secret Life of Pets and help us support SNIPSA.

General seating tickets are $11 adults and $9 kids. Don’t forget to add the popcorn & refillable drink (soda, iced tea, or water) combo too! General seating is on a first-come, first-serve basis.

VIP seating guarantees you prime seating so you to arrive at anytime – your seats will be reserved and waiting. Each seat includes popcorn and refillable drink (soda, tea, or water) combo and a VIP Swag bag! Enjoy the movie with the best seat in the house and show your support for $40 each.

Bring some extra cash to buy raffle tickets for items donated by local businesses for you and your canine companions.

Thanks to Camp Bow Wow San AntonioRita’s on the RiverWoof Gang Bakery – Stone OakPAWderosa RanchChristy Savarino Pet PhotographyKriser’s Natural PetSpoiled Rotten Pet Care for all their support and helping make this event a success!

Successful 2016 Thanks to You!

We have so many wonderful memories of the events of 2014 and met so many wonderful people supportive of our mission – to help make San Antonio a no-kill city.

In 2016, we donated proceeds from our events to the following animal rescue groups:

  • AAPAW (Alamo Area Partners for Animal Welfare)
  • ACS (Animal Care Services)
  • Alamo City Pit Bull Rescue & Rehabilitation
  • Animal Defense League
  • Mystery Dog Rescue
  • Ordinary Miracles Dog Rescue
  • SAPA (San Antonio Pets Alive)
  • SA Dusty Paws
  • Texas Italian Greyhound Rescue
  • A Vision of Hope Canine Community

Dog Trainer SA Urban Pet Market Dog Agility SA urban Pet Market Khalessi SA Urban Pet Market Patriotic Pooch SA Urban Pet Market

Special thanks to our sponsors who make it possible through their generous financial donations:

  • PAWsitively Sweet Bakery
  • Lucy’s Doggy Daycare
  • City Veterinary Hospital
  • Pawderosa Ranch Doggie Play and Stay
  • Cindy Keheller Photo
  • Caliente Productions (DJ Caliente)
  • Foster Creative, Inc.

We are grateful for all the volunteers that donated their time and talent. We appreciate all of our vendor partners who attended and donated throughout the year.

Thanks for helping make our events a success and we look forward to many happy memories for years to come. 2015 events will be held once a month on March 14, June 20, September 19, and November 14.

Alexis Quiroga PAWs Bakery

Alexis Quiroga, founder PAWsitively Sweet Bakery & SA Urban Pet Market

DJ Caliente SA Urban Pet Market ACS SA Urban Pet Market Pooch Parade SA Urban Pet Market Picnic SA Urban Pet Market

Army Dogs SA Urban Pet Market Dog at SA Urban Pet Market Dog Wagon SA Urban PEt Market SA Urban Pet Market logo

Pet Fiesta Event

Date: Saturday, April 9, 2016       Time: 10:00 am – 1:00 pm

We have partnered with Good Earth Farm to Market to host the SA Urban Pet Market Fiesta event.

Bring your canine companions and join the fun.

• Pet Costume Contest – starts at 11:00 am ($5 donation per entry)

• Fiesta Theme Photo Booth

• Collectible Fiesta Medals (PAWsitively Sweet Bakery, Cannoli Fund, Texas Chihuahua Rescue)

• Texas K9 All-Stars Agility Team Demos

• Pet Adoptions – Animal Defense League, Texas Chihuahua Rescue, Italian Greyhound Rescue, Saluki Rescue, Alamo Heights ACS

• Informational Booths – SNAP (Spay/Neuter Assistance Program), Maverick Dog Park,, Paws 4 Hearts Working Therapy Dogs, WAG Across Texas – Team Sophie, San Antonio Cat Cafe, The Cannoli Fund, Daisy Cares

 • Vendor Booths for Pet Products & Services – Camp Bow Wow, Fairy Tails Pet Services, City Veterinary Hospital, Pup Pup & Away Dog Training, PAWsitively Sweet Bakery & Boutique, Kriser’s Natural Pet

Howdy! from Yelp – New Media Sponsor

It is with great enthusiasm that we introduce you to our new media sponsor. Here’s a special message from Yelp:

Yelp is excited to collaborate once again with SA Urban Pet Market project (SAUPM) for their Dogtacular Spring Fling. This amazing event occurring on April 4, 2015 is all about our furry-loved ones and the bonds they create for any family. As a pet loving company, we are excited to be given an opportunity to help bring awareness to the amazing cause and mission SAUPM stands behind…“support(ing) the efforts of local animal rescue organizations working towards making  San Antonio a no kill city.” We love to connect people with great local businesses; however, we have just as much passion highlighting non-profit events and organizations who are making a difference within our communities. Dogtacular Spring Fling is a one-stop shop to help families, any shape and size, find great resources to all that is needed to know about pet adoption and maintenance. I cannot wait for this event to come and we’ll have Yelp Doggie Bandanas to show our support at this amazing event. Lastly, Thank you to the team over at San Antonio Urban Pet Market project for giving us the chance to help contribute to this amazing cause and event.


Tomas R., Yelp Community Manager of San Antonio


Meet Stella – official 2015 Mascot

It is with great pleasure that we introduce Stella Jones – our official 2015 mascot. Stella is a rescue that has brings happiness to her human companions. Be sure to say hello to Stella at the next SA Urban Pet Market event on Saturday, April 4th.

She’s a joy and has a great personality that she showed during her recent photo shoot with Cindy Kelleher. Here are some of the behind the scenes out takes from the photo shoot:

Stella Jones SA Urban Pet Market Mascot

Lorena Havill is Stella Jones’ human companion and she shares her story with us:

I found myself in the unfortunate position of having to transport two dogs, who were repeatedly breaking into our backyard, to Animal Care Services. While I was waiting, in line behind me, was a man with a quiet, sweet, and carefree-looking little white puppy. The man was very kind, but said that he already had an adult dog at home and was not in the position to be able to care for the puppy that had simply wandered up onto his back porch one day.

My husband and I had, about a year and a half before, adopted a 2 year old Alaskan Husky mix (emphasis on “mix”) named Kalluk from the Humane Society of San Antonio, and were living with two indoor feline rescues; as well as one outdoor (vaccinated, fixed, and chipped) cat who had adopted us. Kalluk had been heart worm positive (negative now) and was taking a lot of work regarding exercise and weight maintenance, so adopting another animal was not something we saw coming.

I asked if the man would hold on to the two strays’* leashes so I could hold Stella for a bit. She was so sweet and calm. I was doomed. Being the analytical type, I started running through all the scenarios that could involve me taking Stella home, or at least making sure she was safe. I asked TONS of questions of the ACS staff. Should I just take her then? What happened if I took her and my husband didn’t think this could work? Could I pay her adoption fee, then bring my husband and Kalluk to meet her over the weekend? That seemed a great option because, as I saw it in the heat of the moment, Cullen would have a chance to meet her; Stella’s fee would be paid if the family said “no;” thereby increasing her chances of finding another home. Stella couldn’t leave once she’d been officially checked in, anyway, because she had to be spayed. So, I snuggled with her, posed with her for her intake photo, wrote my $80 check, and left.

As the day wore on I came to realize that Cullen was probably not going to be as excited about this whole process as I was — especially the part that meant I’d picked out a new family member all by myself with no input from the other human half. Uh oh. Telling him about Stella (“the little white puppy”) was very, very difficult. Largely because, I had not considered the fact that Cullen would think that going out to ACS to meet “the puppy” and have some input on whether or not we adopted her was futile. “I want you to be happy, and you’re in love with this puppy. So how could I feel free to say “no?” Shoot. Now I felt like quite the heel; and did for a long time. But, we both learned from the experience, and are stronger for it now.

Forty-eight hours later, Cullen was asking questions about our new family member and we were thinking about names. We chose Stella because the word is associated with stars, and guidance, and journeys. Stella has enriched our family is so many ways that neither of us can now imagine the house without her. The little white lab mix turned out to be something more like an American Eskimo Dog, Samoyed, Terrier, Boxer, German Pinscher, Greyhound mix that appears to have maxed out at a speedy and muscled 40 pounds. Kalluk took on the role of big brother and mentored her well in doggy behavior. He even taught her to howl like a Husky! She looks to him often for guidance and security, as do we. In the beginning she barked up at him, and put her front paws on his behind to be taller. Nearly two years later she’s approaching taller than him — our line backer and our crazy, speedy wide receiver.

Thank goodness for Lucy’s Doggy Daycare, the Downtown Run Group, and Cullen’s fondness for long, wandering walks through Tobin Hill and along the Museum Reach of the River Walk. Through these we have maintained our sanity through Stella’s need for action and intellectual stimulation. So much for Kalluk’s weight problem!

And many thanks to Animal Care Services for their role in bringing Stella into our lives. She’s a perfect illustration of how the system CAN work, and what we’re all hoping to do to improve the lives of companion animals in San Antonio. In my quite biased opinion, she’s a perfect mascot for the SA Urban Pet Market. She’s an SA native, living the urban canine life of dog parks, river walks, and SiClovia; living in a house full of rescues (Cullen and me included); excited about the future and ready to make lives brighter!

– Lorena M. Havill (Jones)- Founder, Bling to the Rescue