Meet Stella – official 2015 Mascot

It is with great pleasure that we introduce Stella Jones – our official 2015 mascot. Stella is a rescue that has brings happiness to her human companions. Be sure to say hello to Stella at the next SA Urban Pet Market event on Saturday, April 4th.

She’s a joy and has a great personality that she showed during her recent photo shoot with Cindy Kelleher. Here are some of the behind the scenes out takes from the photo shoot:

Stella Jones SA Urban Pet Market Mascot

Lorena Havill is Stella Jones’ human companion and she shares her story with us:

I found myself in the unfortunate position of having to transport two dogs, who were repeatedly breaking into our backyard, to Animal Care Services. While I was waiting, in line behind me, was a man with a quiet, sweet, and carefree-looking little white puppy. The man was very kind, but said that he already had an adult dog at home and was not in the position to be able to care for the puppy that had simply wandered up onto his back porch one day.

My husband and I had, about a year and a half before, adopted a 2 year old Alaskan Husky mix (emphasis on “mix”) named Kalluk from the Humane Society of San Antonio, and were living with two indoor feline rescues; as well as one outdoor (vaccinated, fixed, and chipped) cat who had adopted us. Kalluk had been heart worm positive (negative now) and was taking a lot of work regarding exercise and weight maintenance, so adopting another animal was not something we saw coming.

I asked if the man would hold on to the two strays’* leashes so I could hold Stella for a bit. She was so sweet and calm. I was doomed. Being the analytical type, I started running through all the scenarios that could involve me taking Stella home, or at least making sure she was safe. I asked TONS of questions of the ACS staff. Should I just take her then? What happened if I took her and my husband didn’t think this could work? Could I pay her adoption fee, then bring my husband and Kalluk to meet her over the weekend? That seemed a great option because, as I saw it in the heat of the moment, Cullen would have a chance to meet her; Stella’s fee would be paid if the family said “no;” thereby increasing her chances of finding another home. Stella couldn’t leave once she’d been officially checked in, anyway, because she had to be spayed. So, I snuggled with her, posed with her for her intake photo, wrote my $80 check, and left.

As the day wore on I came to realize that Cullen was probably not going to be as excited about this whole process as I was — especially the part that meant I’d picked out a new family member all by myself with no input from the other human half. Uh oh. Telling him about Stella (“the little white puppy”) was very, very difficult. Largely because, I had not considered the fact that Cullen would think that going out to ACS to meet “the puppy” and have some input on whether or not we adopted her was futile. “I want you to be happy, and you’re in love with this puppy. So how could I feel free to say “no?” Shoot. Now I felt like quite the heel; and did for a long time. But, we both learned from the experience, and are stronger for it now.

Forty-eight hours later, Cullen was asking questions about our new family member and we were thinking about names. We chose Stella because the word is associated with stars, and guidance, and journeys. Stella has enriched our family is so many ways that neither of us can now imagine the house without her. The little white lab mix turned out to be something more like an American Eskimo Dog, Samoyed, Terrier, Boxer, German Pinscher, Greyhound mix that appears to have maxed out at a speedy and muscled 40 pounds. Kalluk took on the role of big brother and mentored her well in doggy behavior. He even taught her to howl like a Husky! She looks to him often for guidance and security, as do we. In the beginning she barked up at him, and put her front paws on his behind to be taller. Nearly two years later she’s approaching taller than him — our line backer and our crazy, speedy wide receiver.

Thank goodness for Lucy’s Doggy Daycare, the Downtown Run Group, and Cullen’s fondness for long, wandering walks through Tobin Hill and along the Museum Reach of the River Walk. Through these we have maintained our sanity through Stella’s need for action and intellectual stimulation. So much for Kalluk’s weight problem!

And many thanks to Animal Care Services for their role in bringing Stella into our lives. She’s a perfect illustration of how the system CAN work, and what we’re all hoping to do to improve the lives of companion animals in San Antonio. In my quite biased opinion, she’s a perfect mascot for the SA Urban Pet Market. She’s an SA native, living the urban canine life of dog parks, river walks, and SiClovia; living in a house full of rescues (Cullen and me included); excited about the future and ready to make lives brighter!

– Lorena M. Havill (Jones)- Founder, Bling to the Rescue

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