Best way to learn golf

Back in the day when i got started in this sport, you didn’t have a lot of choice in terms of choosing how to improve your game. A lot of people did it organically, by playing golf and observing others around them, while others took a golf lessons and small minority owned golf clubs and DVDs and used those to get better. All of those options are available today, plus internet tutorials, especially YouTube. In my opinion, that website has changed the way people learn how to play golf. Dozens of channels have popped up, all of them teaching how to improve your golf swing and all that. All of them are reputable teachers individually, but they also have different styles, so there’s a lot of conflicting advice and it can be very confusing for newbies.  With internet providing up to date information, you would think that no one is going to golf lessons anymore, but you would be wrong. Golf lessons are bigger now than ever. Other thing that internet has facilitated though, is golf swing analysis. People send golf teachers their videos and they do their best to find flaws and work on improving them.

But there is one issue with golf lessons – the cost. Half hour lesson costs start from around forty to fifty dollars, which can be a lot for everyday Americans. Despite the fact that a lot of teachers promise good results in couple of lessons, a lot of my friends are still hesitant to take a lesson because of the price. It is simply too expensive for their budgets. But there is solution for that as well – Websites like Groupon and such, can offer great deals on golf lessons near you. I’ve heard from my friends that they paid sixty bucks for three half hour lessons. Which, if you know anything about golf lessons and how much they cost, is a fantastic deal.

 But what if you can’t even afford that? Well, then i’d advise to stick with internet and other tutorials, and hope for the best. But you might have experienced friend who won’t mind to give you few pointers if you ask them on the golf course. Possibilities are endless, and the only thing keeping you from achieving perfect swing, is your determination. So don’t worry about failure or looking stupid, just practice it and you’ll get there. It worked for me. All you need is decent club set, and if you’re woman and just getting started, you can check out this tutorial for pointers on choosing the right clubs.

Few reasons why i think tennis and golf are kinda stupid

Folks, this is guest post from my brother James.

My father has always loved to golf and would take us as kids to play with him or sometimes just watch. All my siblings grew up to love golf as well, but not me. I love my dad, but i just couldn’t buy into his enthusiasm for golf. I think it’s pretty dull and inactive sport, which doesn’t make me excited to play it. I also don’t like the fact that golf and tennis are too expensive to play. And i think that’s actually the reason behind decline of golf. If you don’t know what i’m talking about, just look up “golf decline” and you’ll see the stats. For golf, equipment can cost up to thousand dollars, which a lot of people can’t afford, which leads to my conclusion that golf is an elitist sport. And as of tennis, racquet and balls are pretty affordable, but playground for tennis is expensive. So it has elitist feel to it as well. Also i can’t seem to understand why do they keep scores the way they do. It’s counter productive and confusing, but some people seem to like it anyways, so let’s move on.

 Another explanation for my dislike for golf might be the fact that i like active sports. I go to gym quite a lot, and my favorite exercises are cardio types. Which, if you don’t know, are the ones that require a lot of movement. Some people despise cardio for that reason, and i might be exception to that rule. I think people who despise it would like golf a lot, since in golf, majority of players move around the course driving in golf carts. They don’t even take time to walk few kilometers to be a little active. And note that i say most, not everyone. Fortunately, i’ve overheard from conversations my siblings had, that more and more golfers are starting to walk on golf courses now, which is great for their health and makes me happy.

 And i can’t stand those golfers who like to show off their wealth by dumping thousands of dollars on golf clubs that they can’t even use. I noticed those people during my times watching my dad playing golf all the time. Usually, actually good players would be playing with pretty moderate set, but those guys would try to buy their golf game, which can’t be done. Seniors are especially guilty of this. They usually have spare money that they can waste. If you’re a senior and want really decent club, this might be a little helpful.

 The sports i love are soccer and lacrosse. Both are pretty simple, especially soccer, and can be played with very small amount of investment. That’s especially true for soccer, for which you only need soccer ball, and the rest is up to your imagination. And in my opinion, they are just as fan. Soccer has been becoming increasingly popular in US, and i look forward to future when it is as popular as golf or tennis in our country.

JPX900 Forged Irons review

I’ve been playing golf for seven years now, and still own some of the clubs that i bought when i got started. That means, that some of my irons used to be ten years old, and started to literally come apart. People usually spend thousands of dollars on golf, but despite my love for it, i refused to spend anything but minimum required. And finally, my financial situation improved and last month, i decided to reward myself with something nice. And i made a decision for that something to be Mizuno JPX900 golf clubs. I’ve been watching Mizuno for a long time now, and considered getting their 800 series irons, but couldn’t afford it. This time though, i had big bonus so i had some extra cash on my hands, which i used to finally buy golf clubs that i deserve.

 But first things first, i had to get fitted for the clubs. Because that’s the most important thing to do when you’re getting new club set. Without proper fit, even excellent clubs like the ones by Mizuno won’t do much to improve your golf game. Plus, despite my extensive experience of playing this game, i decided to take an hour of golf lessons, just to shake things up. Long story, short, i was ready to see my golf game take off, and results did not disappoint. If JPX900 is too expensive for you, there are plenty of options for buying good game improvement irons. See the list of best beginners’ irons here.

 First of all, i have to talk about aesthetics. JPX 900 forged irons feel and look so good right out of the box. Some golfers don’t care about how a golf club looks, but for me, appearance of a golf club was one of the main reasons why i picked these Mizunos. And they were just as good at hitting the golf ball as they were pretty looking. Guy who did design for these clubs must receive some kind of award, because these are extraordinary. They also gave me very consistent range and had very nice feeling every time i hit them. People even make comments about how good they look, and i’ve been asked to let them try out playing with these amazing clubs. And while i didn’t make this purchase just to make people notice my expensive clubs, i have to say that it felt good. After all these years of playing with low-quality clubs, i could finally play golf and not be ashamed of the clubs i used. Results were good too, but i perhaps had over estimated how much these clubs could help me. My game improved, but not as much as i had expected. In conclusion though, i’m more than satisfied with my Mizuno JPXs.

Few reasons for why you should brush your dog’s hair every day.

Life is so occupied and chaotic nowadays; who has sufficient energy to brush the canine? It’s justifiable to feel that way, however once you know about every one of the advantages of brushing your canine, you’ll make the time. All things considered, you would do anything for your canine to have the most ideal life, isn’t that so? In the event that you have a puppy or a pooch who hates to be brushed, you may need to begin off moderate, with only a couple of minutes of brushing took after by an uncommon treat that they just get in the wake of being brushed. All things considered, here are the main 7 advantages of brushing your puppy.

Mutts’ jackets contain regular oils, yet since pooches don’t prep themselves as fanatically as felines do, they require a little help spreading those common oils around. It will help them looks sparkling and marvelous and keep any oily development.

On the off chance that you’ve at any point had someone pull your hair, you know how agonizing it can be. Presently envision that same sharp sensation over your whole body and you’ll have a thought of how hopeless a tangled canine must be. Are mats difficult, as well as they can cover up and even reason skin issues like injuries and diseases. Nothing says “I disregard my canine” more than hair that should be shaved off in one piece.

Brushing your pooch frequently causes you become more acquainted with how your canine’s skin typically looks so you can see anything unique. A few knocks are innocuous, however in the event that you spot one that isn’t, early location can mean the contrast amongst life and demise.

Canines by and large don’t prefer to have their hair brushed in reverse. In the event that your canine has long hair, you may need to utilize one hand to lift up the coat and another to brush underneath the hair you simply lifted. This guarantees you are brushing the distance down to your canine’s skin and not simply influencing the topcoat to look lovely.

Pulling on mats is excruciating for your puppy and can influence them to loathe the prepping procedure. Be as delicate as conceivable to abstain from harming your pooch.

For those intense to brush out mats, a detangler splashed specifically onto the tangle and worked in with your fingers can enable bunches to slide separated all the more effortlessly. This ought to be done before the shower, as water can aggravate mats.