JPX900 Forged Irons review

I’ve been playing golf for seven years now, and still own some of the clubs that i bought when i got started. That means, that some of my irons used to be ten years old, and started to literally come apart. People usually spend thousands of dollars on golf, but despite my love for it, i refused to spend anything but minimum required. And finally, my financial situation improved and last month, i decided to reward myself with something nice. And i made a decision for that something to be Mizuno JPX900 golf clubs. I’ve been watching Mizuno for a long time now, and considered getting their 800 series irons, but couldn’t afford it. This time though, i had big bonus so i had some extra cash on my hands, which i used to finally buy golf clubs that i deserve.

 But first things first, i had to get fitted for the clubs. Because that’s the most important thing to do when you’re getting new club set. Without proper fit, even excellent clubs like the ones by Mizuno won’t do much to improve your golf game. Plus, despite my extensive experience of playing this game, i decided to take an hour of golf lessons, just to shake things up. Long story, short, i was ready to see my golf game take off, and results did not disappoint. If JPX900 is too expensive for you, there are plenty of options for buying good game improvement irons. See the list of best beginners’ irons here.

 First of all, i have to talk about aesthetics. JPX 900 forged irons feel and look so good right out of the box. Some golfers don’t care about how a golf club looks, but for me, appearance of a golf club was one of the main reasons why i picked these Mizunos. And they were just as good at hitting the golf ball as they were pretty looking. Guy who did design for these clubs must receive some kind of award, because these are extraordinary. They also gave me very consistent range and had very nice feeling every time i hit them. People even make comments about how good they look, and i’ve been asked to let them try out playing with these amazing clubs. And while i didn’t make this purchase just to make people notice my expensive clubs, i have to say that it felt good. After all these years of playing with low-quality clubs, i could finally play golf and not be ashamed of the clubs i used. Results were good too, but i perhaps had over estimated how much these clubs could help me. My game improved, but not as much as i had expected. In conclusion though, i’m more than satisfied with my Mizuno JPXs.

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