Few reasons why i think tennis and golf are kinda stupid

Folks, this is guest post from my brother James.

My father has always loved to golf and would take us as kids to play with him or sometimes just watch. All my siblings grew up to love golf as well, but not me. I love my dad, but i just couldn’t buy into his enthusiasm for golf. I think it’s pretty dull and inactive sport, which doesn’t make me excited to play it. I also don’t like the fact that golf and tennis are too expensive to play. And i think that’s actually the reason behind decline of golf. If you don’t know what i’m talking about, just look up “golf decline” and you’ll see the stats. For golf, equipment can cost up to thousand dollars, which a lot of people can’t afford, which leads to my conclusion that golf is an elitist sport. And as of tennis, racquet and balls are pretty affordable, but playground for tennis is expensive. So it has elitist feel to it as well. Also i can’t seem to understand why do they keep scores the way they do. It’s counter productive and confusing, but some people seem to like it anyways, so let’s move on.

 Another explanation for my dislike for golf might be the fact that i like active sports. I go to gym quite a lot, and my favorite exercises are cardio types. Which, if you don’t know, are the ones that require a lot of movement. Some people despise cardio for that reason, and i might be exception to that rule. I think people who despise it would like golf a lot, since in golf, majority of players move around the course driving in golf carts. They don’t even take time to walk few kilometers to be a little active. And note that i say most, not everyone. Fortunately, i’ve overheard from conversations my siblings had, that more and more golfers are starting to walk on golf courses now, which is great for their health and makes me happy.

 And i can’t stand those golfers who like to show off their wealth by dumping thousands of dollars on golf clubs that they can’t even use. I noticed those people during my times watching my dad playing golf all the time. Usually, actually good players would be playing with pretty moderate set, but those guys would try to buy their golf game, which can’t be done. Seniors are especially guilty of this. They usually have spare money that they can waste. If you’re a senior and want really decent club, this might be a little helpful.

 The sports i love are soccer and lacrosse. Both are pretty simple, especially soccer, and can be played with very small amount of investment. That’s especially true for soccer, for which you only need soccer ball, and the rest is up to your imagination. And in my opinion, they are just as fan. Soccer has been becoming increasingly popular in US, and i look forward to future when it is as popular as golf or tennis in our country.

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