Best way to learn golf

Back in the day when i got started in this sport, you didn’t have a lot of choice in terms of choosing how to improve your game. A lot of people did it organically, by playing golf and observing others around them, while others took a golf lessons and small minority owned golf clubs and DVDs and used those to get better. All of those options are available today, plus internet tutorials, especially YouTube. In my opinion, that website has changed the way people learn how to play golf. Dozens of channels have popped up, all of them teaching how to improve your golf swing and all that. All of them are reputable teachers individually, but they also have different styles, so there’s a lot of conflicting advice and it can be very confusing for newbies.  With internet providing up to date information, you would think that no one is going to golf lessons anymore, but you would be wrong. Golf lessons are bigger now than ever. Other thing that internet has facilitated though, is golf swing analysis. People send golf teachers their videos and they do their best to find flaws and work on improving them.

But there is one issue with golf lessons – the cost. Half hour lesson costs start from around forty to fifty dollars, which can be a lot for everyday Americans. Despite the fact that a lot of teachers promise good results in couple of lessons, a lot of my friends are still hesitant to take a lesson because of the price. It is simply too expensive for their budgets. But there is solution for that as well – Websites like Groupon and such, can offer great deals on golf lessons near you. I’ve heard from my friends that they paid sixty bucks for three half hour lessons. Which, if you know anything about golf lessons and how much they cost, is a fantastic deal.

 But what if you can’t even afford that? Well, then i’d advise to stick with internet and other tutorials, and hope for the best. But you might have experienced friend who won’t mind to give you few pointers if you ask them on the golf course. Possibilities are endless, and the only thing keeping you from achieving perfect swing, is your determination. So don’t worry about failure or looking stupid, just practice it and you’ll get there. It worked for me. All you need is decent club set, and if you’re woman and just getting started, you can check out this tutorial for pointers on choosing the right clubs.

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